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oversized stroke v1

Before we start you should have your sitemodel already cutout & colored (gradient overlays on clothes, etc.) Like this:

Next you're gonna go ahead and add your strokes like this:

Merge your layers so that all you have now is just that one layer of your cutout with your strokes

Add a drop shadow with these settings:


After you have added your drop shadow go to your layers pallet &
have your cutout layer selected
Right click on the tiny image preview like this:

After you right click a small drop list should pop up

Go ahead and click "select pixels"

Now make a new layer and move it at the bottom of your cutout layer

*do not deselect your selection*

Make sure you are on the layer that you just made

Go to Select>Modify>Expand & this should pop up

Click OK

Fill the expanded layer with your background psd, add your strokes & then a drop shadow

Merge all of your layers together and you should have something like this: